Wellness, Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness is a growing philosophy based on the belief that western and eastern medicine, fitness, mental health, beauty regimes as well as other health practices such as aromatherapy, massage, spiritual connection and coaching should come together, blended into our daily lives. When practicing wellness, our aim is to create and live a balanced lifestyle.

The term Wellness is new. At the same time, it is a mature and sophisticated practice in “mind and body connection” through a collaborative process where traditional, complimentary and soft medicines come together in the pursuit of creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the individual. Practicing Wellness doesn’t stop after one loses weight or a single visit to the dentist. Wellness is an active and ongoing process of becoming aware of and making choices with the goal of creating a healthy and fulfilling life.

Here are some of the elements of Wellness.

We are responsible

It is this pursuit, of a balanced lifestyle, where we foster physical and mental health and are personally encouraged to take responsibility for our health. In that, we choose to be well! It is an important, new concept, belief, a way of life makes us in charge of our health. And, we start with education to understand why diet would improve our health.

It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle

Our bodies and our minds are inextricably linked, the foods we eat does affect our brain, skin, and mood as much as it affects our physical bodies. And, foods can heal!

Based on our nutritional philosophy, we believe that you should seek out a nutritionist who uses a “Whole Foods” approach to eating. Not one who believes in quick fixes or fad diets. A well-trained nutritionist should be teaching you how to eat fresh, whole foods as part of your basic wellness approach.

Wellness Therapies

In addition to your cardio or another traditional fitness program, you may want to consider adding another dimension to your life as each one will contribute to a positive and healthy living. Creating a balanced life should be motivated with physical health and emotional wellbeing, from body, mind and spirit, are all working together in harmony.

The following Wellness Therapies include:

  • Social Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Physical Wellness such as nutrition counseling, Essentrics, and yoga
  • Occupational Wellness, the enrichment of life through work that you are fulfilling