Welcome to Studio Wellness!

Welcome to Studio Wellness!

We’ve barely opened our doors but we’re so excited that we had to write this post. We initially started in a small, clean studio, it was a perfect location for 8 students to participate in the Essentrics Training and other future fitness classes and workshop. Things change and sometimes happen quickly! 

The studio attracted lots of students and we were growing. But on September 17, 2017, I fractured my ankle and I found myself 3 months in a cast followed by 3 more months of physiotherapy. And, another year of strength training. In the end, I closed the location.

Virtual Studio Wellness

Today, Studio Wellness is an online community where I offer Essentrics online, in addition to:

Benefit of Essentrics

Overall, Essentrics is a full-body workout designed to stretch and strengthen the body simultaneously while engaging all 650 muscles. No weights required! Essentrics classes are offered for beginner to advanced fitness levels. Essentrics technique utilizes pulling up and pulling out from joints in many of their exercises as well as movement within the stretch and rotation within the joint. These techniques work mineral buildup out of joints and serve to decompress joints and relieve pain quickly.

  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints.
  • Creates a youthful, limber, liberated feeling body.
  • Strengthens balance and improves posture.
  • Improves tone, lengthens the body.
  • Builds strength, increases flexibility, overall mobility.
  • Reduces pain, unlocks tights joints.

Again, welcome to Studio Wellness. We’re glad you’re here. Please stay with us as things progress, l’ll post them on the blog!!