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How music helps stretching

Essentrics offers diverse music that will inspire and motivate you while exercising.

Circular Movements in Active Stretching

Benefits Of Circular Movements in Active Stretching Classes Why do the Active Stretching Classes concentrate on the rotation of the joints in addition to an overall #Stretch and #Strengthening routine?

Beginners Fit Nutrition Program

A well-rounded health program that includes TONE Fitness Program, Weight Training, Cardio, Menu Planning and Nutritional Guidance.

Essentrics NDG Class Schedule, Fall 2015

Essentrics Class Schedule for Fall 2015. Classes start Saturday, September 12 to Saturday, December 19.

TONE Fitness Program Classical Stretch

Athletes take stretching seriously

As I learn more about fitness training, I’m more excited than ever to teach you about the wonders and benefits of TONE Body Sculpt Program. Athletes who spend hours fine-tuning their performance using a variety of training programs… Read More

Fitness, Nutrition & Community Meet!

It’s a holistic lifestyle where fitness, nutrition, beauty & community come together.