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Welcome to Studio Wellness!

Studio Wellness is an online place dedicated to health, fitness and community. Our motto is feel good, look good at any age. We invite you to experience exercise programs and fitness workouts that are motivating as they are effective. From time to time we’ll also provide nutritional coaching sessions to add that additional support to help you reach your fitness goals – no matter your age or ability.

Studio Wellness Location

Our future plans is to open a location in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) where students can participate in the TONE Fitness Program and Mat Pilates. Our goal is to create a wellness place that includes workshops, handcrafted, natural skin, quality essential oils and aromatherapy blends for a variety of health and wellness matters.

One-To-One Fitness Program

In the meantime, you can contact me if you prefer to design a one-to-one fitness program with a coach. I’ll create a fitness workout program based on your physical ability, goal and nutritional challenges. For more information on the type of fitness programs I’ll design, please check out the class description page, here.


Studio Wellness is a welcoming and positive environment that supports individuals reach their fitness goals – no matter age or ability. We strive to provide services and products that help to create a healthy, happy and whole lifestyle. Our mission is to support, motivate and inspire you with your fitness practice and holistic lifestyle journey so you can – feel good, look good.

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