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Studio Wellness is an online place dedicated to health, fitness and community. Our motto is feel good, look good at any age. We invite you to experience exercise programs and fitness workouts that are motivating as they are effective – and all online. Our current product offerings are:

  • Online Essentrics Fitness Training Program
  • Fitness Nutrition Support
  • Fitness & Nutrition Programs and Packages
Essentrics Fitness Program

You can register for an online Essentrics class, the innovative Stretch and Strengthening workout program for a healthy and toned body. In all of our classes, I carefully explain the benefits of each technique to ensure you’ll get the most out of the class. Essentrics classes are available online!

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Fitness Nutrition

An integrated life is a happy life. Bringing together fitness, wellness and nutrition in a meaningful way should be everyone’s goal. Our fitness nutrition programs will help you reach your overall health goals. We design every fitness nutrition program with you in mind. The focus is on gaining good health through foods that heal, real foods, delicious recipes, education and positive lifestyle changes. A great compliment with your fitness programs!

Corporate Wellness

Why not get your colleagues to take an online Essentrics Class with you? Or, if you prefer a one-to-one class, we can design an Essentrics class or fitness nutrition program just for you. You can participate during your lunch break, or we can set up a time that fits your schedule, you choose. Essentrics fitness is an excellent program to help relieve stress, stretch out those tight muscles leaving you feeling refreshed to take on the rest of the afternoon!


We strive to provide a welcoming and positive environment for men and women and with services & programs to help you build a healthy and whole lifestyle. Join this new community with educational workshops & complimentary wellness services.


Essentrics Barre!

Whether you’re brand new to exercise, are looking to take your practice to a new level, or are simply ready to make the most of your beautiful body, Essentrics Barre Online brings you innovative fitness routines that work the entire body.

Essentrics is a weight free fitness program. All you need is a chair, yoga mat and you’re ready to go!

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