3 Essentrics Fitness Class, Online

$75.00 $15.00

One time offer! You receive 3 Essentrics classes for $15.00! You’ll help me work out the kinks in teaching an online class, while you get the great benefits of participating in an one-hour Essentrics Fitness Class. You will need a Skype connection and a web cam.


3 Essentrics Fitness Classes For $15.00!

Take advantage of this great offer! Three online Essentrics Fitness classes for $15.00! If you can’t get to your studio to do Essentrics or don’t like gyms, try a virtual fitness class.

How The Online Fitness Class works
  • Every Monday morning, 9 AM EST , you’ll join me via Skype and participate in your Essentrics Class, in the comfort of your home. Classes will be live and held online.
  • You will need a Skype account and a webcam to participate in the online Essentrics Classes. You may also need an audio system, if your computer sound system is low.
  • Essentrics is practiced barefoot
  • Bring your water bottle and a towel, if the floor work maybe uncomfortable.
Why am I offers this great deal of 3 online Essentrics classes for $15.00

Why am I offer Essentrics classes at this low price? I’ll be working out the kinks with sound and location, while you receive the full benefits of a one-hour long Essentrics Class! You’ll be my online beta testers and I’ll teach you Essentrics.

About Essentrics

Essentrics is a fitness program and at the same time it helps people of all ages and fitness levels re-balance their bodies, increase mobility and keep joints healthy and pain-free. You can learn more about the many benefits of Essentrics by visiting the Class Description Page, here. You can also visit the Essentrics website, here.

Please note: This is a one time offer, for one person only. Multiple purchases cannot be made and will not be honoured. I reserve the right to cancel this program at any time and without notice. Please read our terms and refund policy, which you can find on this page.