Essentrics Fitness Class, Weight Loss


The focus is on weight loss, strengthening, slenderizing and toning the body. This online Essentrics Class is a faster, more intense workout and with a live Essentrics Fitness instructor. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with our 5 class package work your up to the more challenging workout. Either way, start at your own pace!


10 Essentrics Fitness Classes, Online!

Weight loss is the focus of this Essentrics Fitness program! Get your heart pumping, boost your energy and enjoy a faster paced Essentrics while still enjoying the low-impact of Essentrics.

Take advantage of this great offer! Ten online Essentrics Fitness classes for $100.00! If you can’t get to your studio to do Essentrics or don’t like gyms, try a virtual fitness class.

How The Online Essentrics Fitness Class works:
  • You’ll join me here: to participate in your Essentrics Class, in the comfort of your home. Classes will be live and held online.
  • No need to register, once payment is received, we will email you an invitation to join the Essentrics Class! Please test your audio system before class!
  • Three students, plus your Essentrics Fitness Teacher!
  • We practice Essentrics barefoot to receive its full stretch and strengthening benefits
  • Bring your water bottle and a towel, if the floor work may be uncomfortable.
Schedule and Time: Wednesday, 4:30 PM, Available Any Time!
About Essentrics

Essentrics is a fitness program, and at the same time, it helps people of all ages and fitness levels re-balance their bodies, increase mobility and keep joints healthy and pain-free. You can learn more about the many benefits of Essentrics by visiting the Class Description Page, here. You can also visit the Essentrics website, here.

Please note: Multiple purchases cannot be made at this time and will not be honoured. I reserve the right to cancel this program at any time and without notice. Please read our terms and refund policy, which you can find on this page.