How music helps stretching


There’s no drama here.¬†Music will help you stretch.

The playlist for an Essentrics Fitness Program is one that does not emphasize grand sweeping phrases or emotional stories in the songs. The music is not another layer on top of the stretch and strengthening exercise; instead, the selected music is chosen to inspire and motivate you to stretch further and deeper and to keep you motivated while in class.

You’ll hear sounds from multi-cultural, easy jazz, country, contemporary to light classical. For a one-hour Essentrics workout, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of music to help you connect with your body, move with the flow of Essentrics so you can relax, stretch and elongate your muscles.

Powerful Rhythms To Help You Stretch and Strengthen

Music does have a powerful effect on your mood; the right music can help boost endurance levels during exercise. Research confirms this effect can be a positive motivator for amateur, and professional athletes alike to push themselves further – only by hearing the right music. An Essentrics workout can range from 30 minutes to one hour long and in every session there is a wide variety of music played.

Diverse, powerful rhythms will help you feel the music, provide an emotional flavour and help you follow during the Essentrics class.

Good Music And No Fade Out During Class!

Because Essentrics provides a wide variety of music, you won’t fade out during class. You’ll hear clean beats to help you kick, stretch, elongate, soft beats to increase the flow and stretch your body, smooth beats to help you dig deeply during piles. Essentrics is unlike any other fitness program, as it uses different types of music to increase your energy and keeps you focus on the exercise.

There is no same-same here! Because Essentrics attracts a wide variety of students, from young, senior, professional athletes to people suffering from chronic illness, Essentrics offers a broad range of music to help you maximize your stretching movements.

Diverse Music: Enjoyment and Motivating for Everyone

Even without research, we always knew that exercise and music is an effective pairing. For many of us without our favourite music, we won’t even go for a simple power walk. Essentrics selects music to help us stay engaged, helps your workout go faster, elevates your mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort when you’re tired. Every single exercise in Essentrics has a different sound, from sadness, romantic, happiness, joyful to powerful feelings all to help you react physically to help you kick higher, stretch further to pile deeper.

Essentrics offers diverse music that will inspire and motivate you while exercising. And, you’re having fun while exercising!