Lose Weight With Mindful Eating?

It is possible to lose weight with Mindful Eating?

Before Essentrics, I was an avid yoga student, attending class at least 3 times a week. During this period, many of the yoga teachers would provide weekly intentions, from practicing on “being present” to mindful eating. This isn’t like getting excited about going to your favourite restaurant, instead this is taking your time to look at your food, be grateful for the food on your plate and tasting every morsel.

Can taking your time to be grateful while eating help you to lose weight?

The theory behind mindful eating is that when we begin to pay mindful attention we liberate our emotions and thoughts, thus helping us to control our food cravings and overcome our emotional eating and stress eating habits. Mindfulness is awareness with gratitude.

The practice of mindfulness teaches us that there is nothing more precious than the present moment.

Mindful Eating is becoming popular and that’s probably because we are looking for help to reduce stress and pounds. With more people fighting the battle of the bulge, there is an overwhelming number of people with Diabetes and our hurried life style to get things done, we’re not a healthy bunch of people in North America. From meals in a box, on-the-go meals, drive-through to drinkable smoothies as meals, many people obviously don’t consider mealtime as something important to take for themselves or for their future health. And, I didn’t even get into the number of times you check your phone, texting, selfies…

How does it work?

  1. Don’t rush into eating.
  2. Sit to enjoy your meal.
  3. Put your phone away, put the ringer on mute.
  4. Clear your mind and concentrate on the present.
  5. Explore the food on your plate. Take in the aromas, colour and texture that you see on your plate.
  6. Take one small morsel at a time, taste, experience and enjoy all the flavors.
  7. Eat slowly and enjoy.

You will soon discover that at every meal you practice mindfulness, you will experience a different journey, your concentration will improve and you will avoid ingesting stress and anxiety.

And, I’ll see you in class!