Fitness Nutrition Philosophy


Fitness Nutrition Philosophy at Studio Wellness

Is Fitness Nutrition Support Right For You?
Before we begin working with you, we take the time to understand you, your expectations and your lifestyle. Because, as with most difficult changes we face, long-term commitment, education and motivation are the important and most effective triggers you will need to manage to help you reach your fitness nutrition goals. From there, we developed a holistic fitness nutrition package that include a fitness nutrition plan and education that provide long-lasting improvements without stringent diets. Fitness Nutrition Support Programs include ongoing support, education, accountability, check-in’s, and potential changes to your plan along the way, helping you create new, positive habits that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Our Approach: our program is flexible – it DOES NOT focus on one particular approach (e.g. vegan, raw, etc); rather we focus on several important considerations to help you with your health journey, to meet your philosophy on food, spirituality, the environment and cultural demands of your life.
Fitness Nutrition Philosophy
With proper fitness nutrition the body can:
  • Refuel
  • Repair
  • Re-hydrate
  • Re-vitalize
Fitness Nutrition Support will assist in:
  • Boosting energy levels by providing education in nutrition’s critical role in weight loss
  • Enhancing athletic performance by helping with food choices that impact fitness goals
  • Developing life-long healthy eating habits for sustainable weight loss
Fitness Nutritional Support Programs include:
  • Planning healthy meals and snacks for the whole family
  • Educating our clients about nutrition’s critical role in weight loss and management
  • Providing clients with valuable handout materials, product discounts, motivational support and menu planners
Corporate Wellness
Our goal is to make it easy for all employees to participate in your Corporate Wellness Program. We ensure that the program includes a wide selection of healthy food alternatives and involving employees at every stage to help jump start the Corporate Wellness program. We will  visit your office and work with your team to develop a fitness nutrition program, seminar or, workshop, that works for your company culture. We will work with you to design easy to implement strategies so that the nutritionally program is a positive experience at your workplace. Studio Wellness Boarder