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In 2001, I purchased my first health, and wellness book entitled, “Lemon Cures”, by Werner Meidinger. Since that time, I’ve been an eager student of nutrition, how foods can heal, how our body speaks to us, the benefits of aromatherapy and physical fitness.

And, I know that incorporating whole, fresh foods into our diet is easy. I also know that it’s easy to fall back into our old ways, forget our personal health promises and eat our emotions. Even with so many options we have today to shop for healthy foods, we can quickly stroll into our favourite pastry shop and buy two ho are expanding their product offering, making it easier for us to cook healthy.

But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt sluggish or bloated! And, more importantly, just like many of you, I’ve always had a weight problem. In 2014, I decided to take control of my life and started to learn about inflammation, gut flora, how foods heal and lots more good stuff! But selecting good food over bad food just one part of our health.

What’s The Real Challenge?

Time management, controlling over-whelm, disappearing motivation, and developing new taste buds for buckwheat pancakes and other new foods. That’s why at Studio Wellness your journey begins with an initial consult with a Fitness Nutritional Specialist to help you in your fitness journey! Check out our latest programs; there could be one that is right for you!

Eight-Week Fitness Nutrition Program

Eight-Week Fitness Nutrition Program: An online program that includes consultation with a fitness nutrition specialist, a customized meal plan, recipes to fit your fitness nutrition goals and meal planning strategies for the upcoming weeks. Plus, weekly motivational and email check-ins to help you stay on track. Learn more here!

Fitness Nutrition Session

This is a dedicated, live session with a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Sessions can be purchased by the hour, but we do suggest to start with a two-hour exploratory session to help you decide the what-next, or discover what is stopping you from achieving your fitness and nutrition goals. On-going sessions may include customized meal plan and meal planning strategies. Additional support services may include vision boards, daily journals, weekly check-in and working with a personal fitness trainer or weekly fitness classes at Studio Wellness.

This is a customized fitness nutrition program applicable for people living in the Greater Montreal area. It can be customized for virtual programs. Call or email me to get started.

Beginners Fit Nutrition Program 

Prefer a fitness nutrition program that’s on the go? If you are well-set with your fitness routine and looking for a focused fitness nutrition program that includes fitness nutrition tips, recipes, meal planning, with no intervention from a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, then this program is for you. If you like your independence, then the Beginners Fit Nutrition Support is the right program. You’ll get weekly menu planning, shopping list, weekly intention and goal setting all via email. A great compliment to your current fitness program. Learn more here.

Learn more about us and our Fitness Nutrition Support Philosophy. It’s Important To You!

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