Essentrics Online

Love Essentrics Fitness but dislike gyms and studios? You may want to try our Essentrics Online!

All Levels Are Welcomed

Start your Essentrics journey with us! Get your favourite Essentrics Workout in 45-minutes or one-hour classes! We’ll focus on strengthening, re-balancing and improving flexibility for the body. Essentrics is a full body workout. The program does not use any equipment such as weights. You’ll work using your body’s resistance to tone and firm the body.  All you’ll need is a mat, water and if you need help with active stretching you may want to bring a resistance band and yoga block.
Group Training or Private Training
You can participate in a group Essentrics class or go one-on-one. Private fitness training are for students who enjoy the personalized attention. More importantly, we will adjust the class for your fitness level to ensure you’ll enjoy the class. Private fitness session are perfect for student who suffer from chronic pain or need additional health attention as you build your strength and stamina.
 Benefits of Essentrics
Our 45 minute and one-hour classes will improve your flexibility and posture.  Plus, you’ll work on shaping and thinning your waist while flattening the abs.
  • Strengthens Core and improves posture
  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Full body workout, works the entire body
  • Lengthens and tones the body
Complete Body Workout
Essentrics Stretch & Tone is a dynamic and complete body workout that combines PNF, Tai Chi, Ballet and classical stretch and strengthening exercises. Working all the muscles, this technique, helps to unlock the body, relieving chronic pain. The main focus of Essentrics Fitness is to strengthen, stretch and tone the body, with the additional benefits of improving flexibility and developing a great posture.
Class Schedule & Price
We are offering a special price because we are starting out with our online fitness classes. *The schedule and price may change without prior notice.

Get your entire body toned with Essentrics,