Essentrics Fitness Program



ESSENTRICS, A STRETCHING AND STRENGTHENING WORKOUT PROGRAM quickly shapes and lengthens your muscle through a slow and dynamic fitness routine. Essentrics brings together a combination of classical stretching, Ballet, and Tai Chi to elongate, tone and strengthen the body.

You will enjoy a one-hour class, weight-free, filled with continuous movement to unlock and balance your body. Science based techniques to give you one of the best fitness program for a strong core and toned body.

Additional benefits include the ability to move each joint and muscle freely as well as gaining the full range of motion. Essentrics is an active stretch and strengthening workout program, making this innovative fitness program great for seniors, young adults, people with chronic pain to sports enthusiasts. The program helps people of all ages and fitness levels to get fit, toned and moving.

Beautiful Posture with Essentrics

Another benefit with Essentrics Fitness is good posture. The Essentrics workout always works towards creating a body that is balanced and flexible while strengthening the upper body. ESSENTRICS WILL RAPIDLY CHANGE YOUR BODY! ESSENTRICS WILL LEAVE YOU FEELING ENERGIZED AND HEALTHY.

Full Body Workout

Essentrics is a full body workout. You will lose calories and get a toned body! Tone, Sculpt and Change Your Body

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