Virtual Studio Wellness

What should I bring to a virtual Essentrics class?

  • Skype Connection and amplifier to ensure proper sound during class.
  • Bring your yoga mat.
  • Optional: a small towel should the floor work be too difficult for your hips.
  • Don’t forget to bring bottled water!

What should I bring to a session at the NDG, Montreal location?

  • Bring your yoga mat. Most times we will bring an extra mat, but sometimes we do forget. It would be best that you invest in a yoga mat for classes at the centre.
  • Small towel if you find the floor work challenging and bottled water.

What should I know about the virtual class?

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Class is live and a full hour.
  • NDG Location may change per session. Please check the class schedule for the updated location before dropping in, page is here.

Do I need to sign up for the class?

  • Yes, please! Please book your session online for virtual class.
  • For the NDG location, space is limited. You can drop in, but a spot is not guaranteed. You can either email me before the class (essentricsmtl@gmail.com) to reserve your spot or click here to book a session.

What do I wear?

  • Wear loose clothing or yoga pants with a t-shirt.
  • All programs are barefoot.
  • Ensure that all clothing does not have decorative buttons or zippers so that it doesn’t harm the wooden floor.


What are some unique features of an ESSENTRICS Fitness class?

  • ESSENTRICS combines classic stretching with continuous movement. You can participate with or without weights.  It is a full body, designed to strengthen the muscles, improving flexibility and posture.
  • ESSENTRICS focuses on slenderizing the body and building strength.
  • ESSENTRICS philosophy is to understand the body, develop proper alignment, flexibility and strength.

What kind of results can I expect with ESSENTRICS Fitness Program?

  • You will probably discover immediate benefits with just one ESSENTRICS work-out, feeling better, limber and breathing better. Of course, with regular practice, the health benefits from a ESSENTRICS Fitness Program you may find a leaner, toned, and more flexible body.

Please also read our Cancellation and Missed Class Policy.

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