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Essentrics (Stretch & Strengthen Fitness Program)
Essentrics Fitness Program is the ultimate body shaper! It is a full-body, stretch & strengthen workout that incorporates well-researched fitness techniques that include stretching, PNF, yoga, physiotherapy movements that work the entire body. After one class, you will fee well-balanced and energized. It is a full-body, continuous movement workout combining a range of innovative and traditional exercises so you can reach a toned, balanced and slender body. Working through all the muscle chains of your body, yet it is a low-impact exercise program making it appropriate for all ages and fitness level. Take one class and you’ll discover how better you’ll feel. ♥

Essentrics, Lunch Express
This “express” version of Essentrics gives you the same benefits of the stretch and strengthen exercise program, while moving a little faster and working a little harder, leaving you time to freshen up, grab a healthy lunch and return to work on time. The class incorporates stretching to elongate the muscles and strengthening series, so you’ll lengthen your body and increase flexibility while you tone. It is a beginner to intermediate total body sculpting class with the full benefits of Essentrics program in just 45 minutes! ♥


Workplace Wellness Program
A happy employee is a focused and engaged employee! Help your employees feel good with either a Essentrics Fitness Program or a Weight Loss Program and reap rewards with a happier and productive workplace. Find out more. ♥


Integrative Health Program includes nutritional coaching with either a Yoga Practice or an Essentrics fitness program. Or, you can take Fitness Nutrition Consulting package as a stand-alone product, this includes a single session or a 3 month to 12 month program. If you are ready to change your body, and your life, with personalized support with your nutritional coach and Essentrics fitness expert, contact us today! ♥


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