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Essentrics Fitness Program
Essentrics Fitness Program is the ultimate body shaper! It is a full-body, stretch & strengthens workout that incorporates well-researched fitness techniques that include stretching, PNF, yoga, physiotherapy movements that work the entire body. After one class, you will fee well-balanced and energized. It is a full-body, continuous movement workout. Essentrics combines a range of innovative and traditional exercises; its core is to help you reach a toned, balanced and slender body. Working through all the muscle chains of your body; it is a low-impact exercise program making it appropriate for all ages and fitness level. Take one class, and you’ll discover how better you’ll feel. ♥

Essentrics Express
Increase flexibility and sculpt the body. The same benefits of Essentrics as you move a little faster and work a little harder. The class incorporates stretching techniques to elongate the muscles and strengthening series to lengthen your body. If all you have is 45 minutes, we’ll make the most of it!  Ideal for those on the go! You have time to freshen up, grab a healthy lunch and return to work on time. ♥

Essentrics Barre
Low impact. High reward. Our Essentrics Barre training workout is designed to help you lose inches by burning fat and sculpting lean muscles. Essentrics Barre is purposeful with strong, subtle movements to help you increase your endurance. And stretches incorporated throughout the class will align and reshape your body. The best method to transform and renew you. ♥

What you’ll gain:
  • Full body sculpting
  • Increased flexibility
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Re-balances long chains of muscles
  • Decompress joints and relieve pain quickly

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The Fitness Nutrition programs are designed to support your health goals. You can take a single session, 3 months or 12-month plans. If you are ready to change your body, and your life, with personalised support with your nutritional coach and Essentrics fitness expert, contact us today! ♥

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