Circular Movements in Active Stretching

Circular Movements in Essentrics

Benefits Of Circular Movements in Active Stretching Classes

Why do the Active Stretching Classes concentrate on the rotation of the joints in addition to an overall #Stretch and #Strengthening routine?

Our arms and legs connect to the skeleton through Ball & Socket joints. If we don’t use them the way they were intended to be used, if we don’t rotate them often, deposits will build up in the joints, causing rigidity. Recent research states that inactivity of certain muscles or joints can cause chemical changes in the connective tissue, which then restrict flexibility. Each type of tissue plays an specific role in joint stiffness: The joint capsule (i.e., the saclike structure that encloses the ends of bones) and ligaments are the most important factors, accounting for 47 percent of the stiffness, followed by the muscle’s fascia, (41 percent), the tendons (10 percent), and skin (2 percent).

During Active Stretching, the movements are all designed to optimize the use of these joints and the muscles around them, which is why we feel so good after a class and yes, even after one class! With appropriate Active Stretching training, flexibility and balance can be developed at all ages. But, this doesn’t mean that you will gain flexibility at the same rate as everyone. The general rule is the older you are, the longer it will take to develop the desired level of flexibility.

Hopefully, you’ll be patient enough to commit to 10 classes with me! Register today.

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