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Wellness, Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness is the attitude that we work towards creating a balanced lifestyle.

Wellness is a growing philosophy stemming from the belief that blending western and eastern medicine helps us a better life. When we blend or add one or more of the following – fitness, mental health, beauty regimes as well as other health practices such as aromatherapy, massage, spiritual connection and coaching – these will come together to help us reach a positive and fruitful life. When practicing wellness, our aim is to create and live a balanced lifestyle.

Sugarless Lifestyle

I’ve been actively removing sugar from my life, and it’s a daily battle. Some weeks I’m great, and then I find myself returning home from shopping with two boxes of cookies!
I do like my Madeleine’s with afternoon tea. I’m not trying to “quit sugar” because it’s the latest fad, I’m doing it for several important reasons.

Living Well, Part 1

Living Well, Part 1

I often hear, “Where do I start?”

And, that’s because we all want good nutrition and understand that it is available to all of us but it’s over-whelming. Do we stop eating carbs or just bread and is that all kinds of bread or simply white bread? Conflicting headlines, daily health news, different health programs about what to eat, how to stay healthy and where each one of should start in our own path to living well.