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21 Day Flexibility Challenge, Prep Week

Circular Movements in Essentrics

This is your 21 Day Flexibility Challenge: Prep Week

Set aside 30 important minutes for the next 21 days! Your Flexibility Challenge is about to start. Flexibility also includes strengthening exercises, because we can improve our flexibility without a balanced work out. Take the time, with a fresh outlook and can-do attitude!

Sugarless Lifestyle

I’ve been actively removing sugar from my life, and it’s a daily battle. Some weeks I’m great, and then I find myself returning home from shopping with two boxes of cookies!
I do like my Madeleine’s with afternoon tea. I’m not trying to “quit sugar” because it’s the latest fad, I’m doing it for several important reasons.

How music helps stretching


There’s no drama here. Music will help you stretch.

The playlist for an Essentrics Fitness Program is one that does not emphasize grand sweeping phrases or emotional stories in the songs. The music is not another layer on top of the stretch and strengthening exercise; instead, the selected music is chosen to inspire and motivate you to stretch further and deeper and to keep you motivated while in class.

You’ll hear sounds from multi-cultural, easy jazz, country, contemporary to light classical. For a one-hour Essentrics workout, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of music to help you connect with your body, move with the flow of Essentrics so you can relax, stretch and elongate your muscles.