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Lima Beans In Roasted Tomatoes

Lima beans in roasted tomatoes is an easy and healthy recipe. You can serve this dish as side dish or as a main meal. Lima beans have a delicate flavour, and they don’t overpower other flavours. And, this legume is delicious and when slowly stewed in tomatoes can even resemble potatoes.

Essentrics Online

Love Essentrics Fitness but dislike gyms and studios? You may want to try our Essentrics Online!

All Levels Are Welcomed

Start your Essentrics journey with us! Get your favourite Essentrics Workout in 45-minutes or one-hour classes! We’ll focus on strengthening, re-balancing and improving flexibility for the body. Essentrics is a full body workout. The program does not use any equipment such as weights. You’ll work using your body’s resistance to tone and firm the body.  All you’ll need is a mat, water and if you need help with active stretching you may want to bring a resistance band and yoga block.

Wellness, Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness Balanced Lifestyle

Wellness is the attitude that we work towards creating a balanced lifestyle.

Wellness is a growing philosophy stemming from the belief that blending western and eastern medicine helps us a better life. When we blend or add one or more of the following – fitness, mental health, beauty regimes as well as other health practices such as aromatherapy, massage, spiritual connection and coaching – these will come together to help us reach a positive and fruitful life. When practicing wellness, our aim is to create and live a balanced lifestyle.