21 Day Flexibility Challenge, Prep Week

Circular Movements in Essentrics

This is your 21 Day Flexibility Challenge: Prep Week

Set aside 30 important minutes for the next 21 days! Your Flexibility Challenge is about to start. Flexibility also includes strengthening exercises, because we can improve our flexibility without a balanced work out. Take the time, with a fresh outlook and can-do attitude!

21-Day Flexibility Challenge: Prep Week

The 21-Day Fitness Challenge is designed for beginners. This means you should do a relaxed, dynamic stretch and strengthening fitness routine. I will focus on promoting Essentrics because it is a fitness routine that works on every single major muscle group in your body, every day – and I’m also an Essentrics Instructor! No need to just concentrate on a certain body part if you practice Essentrics for the next 21 days!

I’ve also add a little extra, if you’re more inclined to do more or are currently active in your fitness. You can, of course, replace any of the mini-challenges with an outdoor activity of your choice.

Before you begin your 21-Day Flexibility Challenge

  • Don’t hold your stretches. And, if you really want too, not longer than 5 seconds. Essentrics is a dynamic stretch and strengthening routine and we don’t hold our positions.
  • Start slow. Too many beginners rush to end, instead of enjoying the beginning. You can always push yourself to do more as you progress.
  • Never force a stretch. Practice makes perfect. So take your time!
  • Controlled movement: Essentrics, as I’ve mentioned before is dynamic stretching. As you get more involved in Essentrics you will notice a gradual increases in your range of motion and speed of movement but it requires a controlled movement. We don’t bounce or jerk, instead we try to reach to the end of the stretch, to reach the limits of our range of motion in a controlled manner.

Prep Week: Sunday, Sept 2, to Saturday, Sept 8, 2018

During this week, you’ll create a fitness calendar to make sure you’ll make the time to improve your flexibility. You can register for one of our online Essentrics classes here, subscribe to Essentrics TV, a streaming platform to their collection of DVDs, or attend your favorite studio. If you can you should get a fitness partner to follow this 30-day fitness challenge with you. You’ll need to have dumbbells and have a stationary bike or attend a cardio class.

Start Date: Sunday, Sept 9, 2018, to End Date: Saturday, Sept 21, 2018

The 21-Day Flexibility Challenge will start next week. Below is your schedule for the next week.

The Goal: Improve flexibility and release of tension in their muscles – improving your posture and range of motion!

21-Day Flexibility Challenge Schedule:

Every day we will participate in a 30-minute Essentrics. For next week, here is our Flexibility Challenge:

  • Sunday, Sept 9, 2018: 30-minute Essentrics class
  • Monday, Sept 10, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics class.
  • Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics class
  • Wednesday, Sept 12, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics class
  • Thursday, Sept 13, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics
  • Friday, Sept 14, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics
  • Saturday, Sept 15, 2018: 30-minutes Essentrics class


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Schedule: Commit to this 21-Day Flexibility challenge by making yourself a priority. I know, as I write this, I’ll be faced with the same challenge.