21 Day Flexibility Challenge

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The 21-Day Flexibility Challenge For Beginners 2018 is about to start!

Your challenge is to do one 30 minute Essentrics workout everyday – for 21 days!

Depending on your fitness level, you can do a classical stretch and strengthening class, or an Essentrics Fitness Class. You can also mix it up and add a brisk walk, a beginner weight training session (with a trainer, of course!) or just do Essentrics for 21 days. It’s all up to you! Be sure to get your doctor’s permission if you’re starting out on your fitness journey. As long as you choose the exercise that is right for you!

No sign-up is necessary! Just come back weekly, join our community or visit our Facebook page.

21 Days Of Essentrics

Since receiving my Essentrics, Level 1 certification this year, I’m excited to share my passion for Essentrics. It’s taken me a long time to get certified. Life got in the way including a fractured ankle. I suffered a fractured tibia and fibula, which required surgery followed by 12 weeks with no weight-bearing on my right foot with four months of physiotherapy. Probably the worst part is that it was my driving foot!

Every leap I made towards recovery and gaining back my independence was delicious. Today, I am moving towards getting my level 2 certification in Essentrics, studying for the Group Fitness Instructor Certification under the American Council of Exercise (ACE)  and who know’s what’s next!

How The 21-Days Challenge Works
  • Practice Essentrics every day for 21 days. And, it’s doable and you’ll feel awesome!
  • Weekly blog post on what the challenge is for the week ahead
  • Motivation messages on Facebook and Google Plus Community
  • Send your photo doing an Essentrics class and we may post it on our Facebook!

You have lots of choices in how you want to participate! Like our Facebook page, join the Google Plus community or subscribe to our blog. I hope you join me for this 21-day fitness challenge!

Start Date: Sunday, September 2,, 2018, to End Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018.
Prep Week: Sunday, August 28, to Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Remember to visit our blog the week before the challenge starts. It will have the first week of your fitness schedule and what you’ll need for this fitness challenge!

See you soon!