What should I bring to a session at Studio Wellness?

  • Bring your yoga mat. Yoga mats are available for rent at Studio Wellness for $1, which you can add during your reservation.
  • Optional: a small towel should the floor work be too difficult for your hips.
  • Don’t forget to bring bottled water! We usually also have lemon water available at the Studio Wellness for our students.

What should I bring to a session at the NDG, Montreal location?

  • Bring your yoga mat. Most times we will bring an extra mat but sometimes we do forget. It would be best that you invest in a yoga mat for classes at the center.
  • Small towel if you find the floor work difficult and bottled water.

What should I know about the locations?

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Street parking for both locations is plentiful and free.
  • NDG Location may change per session. Please check the class schedule for the updated location before dropping-in.

Do I need to sign up for sessions?

  • Please book your session online since space is limited. You can drop in, but a spot is not guaranteed. You can either email me before the class (essentricsmtl@gmail.com) to reserve your spot or click here to book a session.

What do I wear?

  • Wear loose clothing or yoga pants with a t-shirt. Essentrics is done barefoot.
  • Ensure that all clothing does not have decorative buttons or zippers so that it doesn’t harm the wooden floor.

ESSENTRICS, The Esdmonde Technique

What are some unique features of an Essentrics class?

  • Essentrics is a simultaneous stretching and strengthening workout for the full body. It is designed to strengthen the muscles in a lengthened (eccentric) position using the body as resistance. In addition to improving flexibility and posture, Essentrics places much emphasis on stretching, slenderizing the body and building strength.
  • Essentrics is done barefoot and without equipment.
  • Essentrics philosophy is founded on proper alignment, flexibility and strength. Not fast and furious where most injuries happen.

Who is Essentrics for?
Essentrics is ideal for men and women of all ages who:

  • are looking to tone and slenderize their body, no weights required
  • want to increase flexibility and overall mobility
  • want to reduce aches and nagging pain
  • enjoy a dynamic, flowing workout session done with background music
  • do not want bulky muscles, instead aim for a slender, well-defined body
  • have tight hips, back, and shoulders and need increased their range of motion
  • who suffer from rounded back and shoulders and need to improve their posture
  • have had previous injuries and seek a safe, low impact, high energy workout
  • are seeking a workout that will help relieve chronic pain
  • are athletes, runners, cyclists, football players and others who need to increase their flexibility.

What can I expect at my first session?

  • You will discover from your very first Essentrics class that you are using muscles in a completely new way. While some of the moves or positions maybe familiar to you through ballet, Tai Chi and yoga, Essentrics adds innovative movement and combination of exercises that result in a dynamic workout without the need for weights. After a class, most people often express that they can breathe better, feeling energized, stretched out, and relieved of chronic pain.

What kind of results can I expect with Essentrics?

  • You will probably discover immediate benefits with just one Essentrics session, feeling stretched out, reduced chronic pain and breathing better. Of course, with regular practice, the health benefits from an Essentrics Program includes creating a lean, toned, and more flexible body. The goal of an Essentrics program is to make the waist thinner, the stomach flatter, the legs leaner, and the butt toned, leaving the entire body more flexible and agile. It is a unique program that targets flexibility and eccentric strength all in one fitness workout. It also aids in relieving chronic pain caused by repetitive motion or injury.

Please also read our Cancellation and Missed Class Policy.


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