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Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt fitness workout is the ultimate body shaper and posture improvement! It is a full-body workout, working through all the muscle chains of your body. It is a low-impact, continuous movement fitness program, using a range of innovative and traditional techniques and exercises so you can reach a toned, balanced and slender body. No equipment is used. Register for a class. ♥

Stretch and Strengthen

Classical Stretch uses a unique combination of scientific stretching, PNF, tai chi, ballet, physiotherapy and chiropractic movements that works the entire body, leaving you feeling well-balanced. The Classical Stretch program shows scientifically, how anyone can stay feeling young and vibrant their entire life! ♥

Classical Stretch, Lunch Express

You receive the same benefits of the traditional Stretch and Strengthening program, while moving a little faster and working a little harder, leaving you time to freshen up, grab a healthy lunch and return to work on time. Add a Power Smoothie for a quick snack. ♥

Mat Pilates

Pilates mat work is a series of controlled exercises that will improve flexibility, build strength, develop control, coordination, and endurance. It develops a strong core and healthy movement through proper alignment and self-awareness. Perfect for beginners. Please note that the Pilates Mat Work series requires a minimum of 4 students to run. ♥ Register.

Restore Yoga

Ideal for beginners or for those who want to take it a bit slower. Restore yoga is a restful yoga practice to deeply nurture body and spirit. We focus on relaxing the mind and body through deep breathing and gentle movements. ♥

Workplace Wellness Programs

A happy employee is a focused and engaged employee! Help your employees feel good with either a strengthening or weight loss program and reap rewards with a happier and productive workplace. Workplace wellness programs are proven methods to reduce absenteeism. Find out more. ♥

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